How to Maintain Comfort and Flexibility in Your Shoulders as You Age

You never know how often you use your shoulders until you can’t use them as much anymore. The shoulders are the keys to a large portion of your upper body’s mobility, allowing you to move your arms in ways that drive you through each day. Like any muscle, shoulders need to be worked to remain flexible and smooth through everyday movements, especially as you age.

In this article, you will learn how to maintain comfort and flexibility in your shoulders as you age. Sometimes discomfort and low flexibility is inevitable, sometimes it results in rotator cuff surgery in Hilton Head Island, but to some degree, you can control how your shoulders age alongside the rest of your body.

Shoulders = Strength and Power, so Stretch and Exercise Those Muscles At Least Once Per Day

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Your shoulders are the hub of your upper body as they control your arms and aid in stable, steady rotations of your joints to pick things up and do everyday stuff that you might take for granted. Strength and power are in your shoulders, so they need exercise and stretching at least once per day for 15 to 20 minutes at a time.

Here are two exercises and stretch ideas for your shoulders.

·    Windmills. To work your rotator cuffs and warm up your shoulders, put your arms straight out to your sides, then move them in steady circles. Do one minute clockwise, then one minute counterclockwise. You should feel the burn without being in real pain.

·    Overhead shoulder press. Using dumbbells in each hand, lift the dumbbell to shoulder height. Then extend your arm straight out above your head before bringing it slowly back down.

Change How You Sleep to a More Elevated Position

Shoulder pain in bed can often be attributed to your sleeping position or an uncomfortable, unsupportive bed. Sleep in a slightly elevated position with a pillow under your head and shoulders for optimum comfort throughout the night.

As you age, your body needs different things to remain healthy, flexible, and comfortable. Hopefully, this article inspired you to take better care of your shoulders with some helpful tips on how.