Can Lifestyle Changes Help Broken Bones Heal Quicker?

According to health boards, there are well over 7 million reported broken bone injuries in the United States annually. This number is 2% worldwide, bringing the total of broken bones to 156 million every year.

However, science suggests that there are ways that people can heal broken bones quicker. It begins with a medical visit and x-rays in Sparta, as well as other cities, but during the healing process, people are encouraged to change their lifestyles to promote faster healing times and healthier, stronger bones.

Pass the Supplements and Nutrient-Rich Whole Foods!

Calcium and protein make your bones stronger, while a hefty dose of daily vitamin C ensures good immune health. Whenever possible, eat whole foods that are rich in these nutrients. Choose grilled chicken and veggies over greasy pizza because the chicken and veggies will do more for your health and nutrition. The healthier your body is, the healthier your bones will be.

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Cut Down on Alcohol and Nicotine to Promote a Healthier Healing Process

Nicotine and alcohol stifle the healing process. They are dangerous chemicals to the body, so healing is stunted because your health is muffled. Put down the cigarettes for good. That includes a vape. Cut down on the alcohol. Focus on healing your body with positive, healthy lifestyle changes.

Vitamin D and Exercise Should Be Big Parts of Your Lifestyle Change

While you should rest your broken bone, you should continue keeping your heart rate up. If possible, walk around in the sunshine for a half hour. This will give you a serotonin-releasing boost of vitamin D to improve your mood and send healing vibes throughout your body.

While there’s no solid evidence that these methods will help your bones heal quicker, there is evidence that these methods make you healthier. When you are healthier, your body functions better, so it makes sense that the healthier you are, the quicker your body can heal your broken bones.